Prototyping APIs with Open API Specification and Node.js

A story about using Node.js community-built tools effectively in order to speed up the prototyping phase of your API project. In the whole article, Open API specification (which recently reached a RC on version 3) refers to version 2, also known as Swagger specification. In this article I’ll briefly demonstrate how you can to make use of few community-driven tools which I came across recently and I definitely recommend: Typicode’s json-server and Rebilly’s Open API generator. »

February digest 2017

After my January digest, I got feedback from a precious reader that these stories must be toilet-friendly, so I’ll keep it short, directly to the essence :) Productivity Without a question, the first thing coming to my mind in this month is the set of small changes I made with regards to my typing habits. Vimium turned out to be really useful utility in my daily work on my x220t. »

The guide to learn GraphQL I wish I found few months go

Although I consider myself an intermediate JavaScript developer, I struggled for weeks to understand fundamental concepts which are obvious for those living in the React.js ecosystem. So, this is a list of things I now see which I consider to be not documented or explained well enough for people like myself — those who like the ideas behind GraphQL and want to use it, but not necessarily having any experience with the React. »

Reflecting on node.js design patterns

Once upon on a time, there was a designer … No matter if the story is true or not, working with JavaScript on the server with Node.js at the moment is a very different experience compared to working with Python, Ruby or PHP. I’d personally say that the advantage of working with a single language everywhere comes with the price of having to learn different design patterns in order to use the language effectively. »

January Digest 2017

I’ve prepared a warm-up digest for those of you who made a resolution to improve their JavaScript skills in 2017, so let’s get it started! Stories I published 2 articles this month and I enjoyed writing both of them. Problem-first problem-solving — don’t be mislead by the title, it’s about positive concepts going randomly through my brain. Agile documentation for your API-driven project — this got a tweet from the community few minutes after being published. »