About me

Hi, and welcome to my humble blog! :)

I’m a curious and down-to-earth human being who likes learning new things. I’ve had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience on several interesting technologies I like sharing thoughts on. So, the style of the articles here is quite informal and trying to keep things simple to grasp.

I believe that experimentation and hands-on attemps with technology are vital for any type of learning experience, so I do quite some of those. I frequently don’t have the opportunity to use a given tool which I find interesting and want to have a feeling about. That’s why a few of the blog posts are based on experimentation with tools I don’t know quite well, but want to.

In summary, the style of the blog follows my natural fluctuations of interests, experimentations, reflections and other similar things. It’s more like having a beer with someone and sharing rather than going too deep into the details. :)