Test-Driven Development for AWS Lambda functions with the Serverless framework and Jest

Introduction The serverless framework makes it easy to develop and deploy cloud functions. In this article I’ll cover the AWS provider of the framework, although the principles should be very similar for the other providers, especially given the fact the serverless team works hard for a truly multi-provider framework. There is a good document with guidelines for writing tests in serverless already. Also, there is another blog post about the basics. »

Learn Gatsby.js

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Dedicated to all visionaries who move the Web forward Introduction In this article, I let myself write about various topics before I reach the essence. The story line goes from how and why the MEAN stack got popular, to the JAM stack, Gatsby. »

Fixing my mobile phone

Introduction One of the most popular requests I get around Christmas when I meet family is to fix mobile phones - you name it - some issues with different SIM cards, mobile Internet, optimizing space and memory, etc. I personally don’t like modifying my own phone and try to be really honest with people that I just don’t know a lot about mobile technologies which are out of the scope of making apps. »

Author image Kalin Chernev on #Misc,

Admin UI for Gatsby static site generator

Introduction Recently, I was looking into Gatsby.js as a generator for a blog site. As many others, I one of the first steps into using the system as other popular CMS solutions, I started to look around for an online back-end UI for the content creation part. I found this list of headless CMS options and since forestry (the service I use for my blog) does not support Gatsby, I decided to try NetlifyCMS. »

Serverless github bot with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

This tutorial will show you how to build a small github bot app which is “listening” for pull requests’ events on “open” and “reopen” by greenkeeper.io. When the author is the greenkeeper bot, our bot will in turn, correct the title and the tags of the pull request to match conventions. If you’ve come to this article because you already have knowledge about the technical topics, but you are more interested in the concrete steps, you can skip the following introductory parts and go directly to the technical specifics below. »