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Releasing new blog

It's a fact - I moved my blog from Medium to github.com!

As previously mentioned last year and last month, I've been considering moving away from Medium as the platform is continuously shifting focus to vendors and businesses. So, here it is - yet another blog, this time containing most of the content previously published, just to make sure it does not disappear during the transformation of Medium.

Technology stack

Here's a brief overview of what's behind this blog:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

That's all, generated by Hugo.

The layout and design are not too different than before, rather, there are some tweaks made on the way:

  • Print-friendly, make it easy to read when pages are exported as PDF.
  • PWA - you can "install" the site as an app and read content offline
  • Code is highlighted

Also, comments are integrated with Disqus. I think this is a particularly good improvement which maintains the community-oriented recommendation and interaction flows.


With this new place to write, I plan to continue sharing about various experiments and tools I'm working on in the spirit of Digital Beer.