March digest 2017

This one will be on various personal thoughts on Medium, the JAM stack, the OpenAPI specification, and coding katas. Medium If you’re a regular reader or writer on Medium, you already know about the latest changes. Together with the new features, a partner program came into play, where companies and vendors will be more motivated to publish content about their products and services. Being a small fish without financial interests in blogging (at least here and now), I decided to research new channels of communicating my ideas out of Medium. »

Agile documentation for your API-driven project

Based on Open API standards “Documentation is like sex; when it’s good, it’s very, very good, and when it’s bad, it’s better than nothing.” — Dick Brandon The goal of this article is to inspire improved workflows for building and maintaining documentation for API-driven projects. In the end of the story, you will hopefully try out new approaches of documenting your code. As such, it automatically increases the value of your work through making it more maintainable and re-usable in less time and efforts. »

Holidays digest 2016

Source I decided to try a new format of writing a story — a “digest” one. In this format, I’ll be able to mix subjects and share about things I find interesting. Although I don’t plan to follow a strict structure, topics will be divided into sections to make it easy to jump between without having to read it all. Medium Certainly, the trending topic in the context of this blog is the story about Renewing Medium’s focus. »

Think about apps, not websites

Admiring the progress of Web APIs, I decided to shortly summarize some feelings. They are mostly about a borderline (common-sense) why it is worth knowing what is a web app and why we have to shift our paradigm thinking from building websites to building web apps. For this reason, I include few steps as a tutorial to encourage hands-on experimentation. State of internet Unsurprisingly, more than 40% of the world has access to the Internet, and this number is yet to grow having in mind the vast popularity of campaigns which ensure that each one in the world is connected. »

Drupal 8 on Cloud9 IDE

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?“ — George Bernard Shaw Drupal 8 will soon celebrate 1 year since its release. One interesting fact about this version of the popular PHP CMS is that the release cycles are smaller and feature-focused. This makes everybody happier than previous major versions and I will focus on developers’ experience. »