Test-Driven Development for AWS Lambda functions with the Serverless framework and Jest

Introduction The serverless framework makes it easy to develop and deploy cloud functions. In this article I’ll cover the AWS provider of the framework, although the principles should be very similar for the other providers, especially given the fact the serverless team works hard for a truly multi-provider framework. There is a good document with guidelines for writing tests in serverless already. Also, there is another blog post about the basics. »

Serverless github bot with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

This tutorial will show you how to build a small github bot app which is “listening” for pull requests’ events on “open” and “reopen” by greenkeeper.io. When the author is the greenkeeper bot, our bot will in turn, correct the title and the tags of the pull request to match conventions. If you’ve come to this article because you already have knowledge about the technical topics, but you are more interested in the concrete steps, you can skip the following introductory parts and go directly to the technical specifics below. »

Prototyping APIs with Open API Specification and Node.js

A story about using Node.js community-built tools effectively in order to speed up the prototyping phase of your API project. In the whole article, Open API specification (which recently reached a RC on version 3) refers to version 2, also known as Swagger specification. In this article I’ll briefly demonstrate how you can to make use of few community-driven tools which I came across recently and I definitely recommend: Typicode’s json-server and Rebilly’s Open API generator. »

Reflecting on node.js design patterns

Once upon on a time, there was a designer … No matter if the story is true or not, working with JavaScript on the server with Node.js at the moment is a very different experience compared to working with Python, Ruby or PHP. I’d personally say that the advantage of working with a single language everywhere comes with the price of having to learn different design patterns in order to use the language effectively. »

January Digest 2017

I’ve prepared a warm-up digest for those of you who made a resolution to improve their JavaScript skills in 2017, so let’s get it started! Stories I published 2 articles this month and I enjoyed writing both of them. Problem-first problem-solving — don’t be mislead by the title, it’s about positive concepts going randomly through my brain. Agile documentation for your API-driven project — this got a tweet from the community few minutes after being published. »