Learn Gatsby.js

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Dedicated to all visionaries who move the Web forward Introduction In this article, I let myself write about various topics before I reach the essence. The story line goes from how and why the MEAN stack got popular, to the JAM stack, Gatsby. »

Admin UI for Gatsby static site generator

Introduction Recently, I was looking into Gatsby.js as a generator for a blog site. As many others, I one of the first steps into using the system as other popular CMS solutions, I started to look around for an online back-end UI for the content creation part. I found this list of headless CMS options and since forestry (the service I use for my blog) does not support Gatsby, I decided to try NetlifyCMS. »

Releasing new blog

It’s a fact - I moved my blog from Medium to github.com! As previously mentioned last year and last month, I’ve been considering moving away from Medium as the platform is continuously shifting focus to vendors and businesses. So, here it is - yet another blog, this time containing most of the content previously published, just to make sure it does not disappear during the transformation of Medium. Technology stack Here’s a brief overview of what’s behind this blog: »

March digest 2017

This one will be on various personal thoughts on Medium, the JAM stack, the OpenAPI specification, and coding katas. Medium If you’re a regular reader or writer on Medium, you already know about the latest changes. Together with the new features, a partner program came into play, where companies and vendors will be more motivated to publish content about their products and services. Being a small fish without financial interests in blogging (at least here and now), I decided to research new channels of communicating my ideas out of Medium. »