Coding battle with Skygate @MolenGeek

The last event from the series of coding battles organized by Philos, this time in cooperation with Skygate on a life-saving topic using tools like Google Maps and Firebase. Introduction Denis Omelcenco from Skygate presented the challenge: make an app to locate the closest defibrillator. The initial code base contained helpful starting materials such as a JSON file listing the defibrillators and their locations, together with some HTML files to facilitate the app building. »

Coding battle at Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels (The Rise of the Bots)

Coding battle at Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels (The Rise of the Bots) Originally published on Medium Continuing on the exciting journey of coding battles and events, this time I’m so trilled on what happened that I can’t wait to put my hands back to code. So the story will be short and simple, hopefully inspiring for you to try building some cool chat bots and join me in the next coding event. »

Coding battle at Take Eat Easy

Short retrospective on my second coding competition with JavaScript. Lessons learned and thoughts on how to improve for the future. Introduction Take Eat Easy and Philos organized this coding competition. Similarly to the first coding battle, good news from Max came right from the beginning: the event was part of a hack league. For developers, this means that we can hope for continuity of the coding battles: more play, plus more opportunities to interact and share with others from the JavaScript community in Belgium. »

The first coding battle in Belgium

Coding? Battle? What? For me, coding is an act of expressing ways of thinking and problem-solving skills. However, in reality, it’s a more than that. It’s a proof of understanding complex concepts, and creating useful solutions with this understanding. Also, in fact, coding is frequently an act of showing narrow knowledge of a specific framework or knowledge of an API. Battles, on the other hand, are not an every-day thing. »