Serverless github bot with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

This tutorial will show you how to build a small github bot app which is “listening” for pull requests’ events on “open” and “reopen” by When the author is the greenkeeper bot, our bot will in turn, correct the title and the tags of the pull request to match conventions. If you’ve come to this article because you already have knowledge about the technical topics, but you are more interested in the concrete steps, you can skip the following¬†introductory parts and go directly to the technical specifics below. »

From personal computers to personal assistants

The F8 event took place recently and I managed to watch a video about the messenger platform. Since it was during the Easter holidays, I also had few hours to make a simple chat bot for Facebook. Since then, I touched upon few of the topics around the growing popularity of the so called home assistants. In this article I’ll summarize some of the corners stones I found. Making a chat bot, this time on Facebook For me the story began with a coding event at Microsoft almost an year ago when I “met” LUIS for the first time. »

Coding battle at Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels (The Rise of the Bots)

Coding battle at Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels (The Rise of the Bots) Originally published on Medium Continuing on the exciting journey of coding battles and events, this time I’m so trilled on what happened that I can’t wait to put my hands back to code. So the story will be short and simple, hopefully inspiring for you to try building some cool chat bots and join me in the next coding event. »