Hi, my name is Kalin Chernev, and this website is probably my 5th place to blog, I stopped counting. My track of experience is filled with projects on Drupal and sometimes a bit of WordPress, i.e. content management systems. However, this time there’s no CMS behind this website. This website/blog is hosted on github pages for 2 main reasons: be close to code from github, and keep things simple hosting only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Today, I’m working mostly with JavaScript in various forms. That’s why you will encounter the notes I’m taking in this blog on my way of understanding concepts, trying frameworks, experimenting with libraries and all sorts of tools solving problems with JavaScript. It’s just amazing how this language got so versatile to solve so many types of problems.

I love the Web. It has evolved so much in recent years, and the speed of evolution is still accelerating. Developers solve more complex problems, which lead to even more sophisticated problems to solve. Thus, this blog keeps things simple - it’s plain good old HTML, CSS and JavaScript :)

I believe in experimentation and open source contribution as a way to learn and keep up with the accelerated pace of change in Web. That’s what you can expect from this blog.